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A university-level institute positioned at the nexus of arts, design, engineering and science.


From smart phones to automobiles, understanding the human genome to exploring social networks, scientific and technological innovation is the result of the work of not just scientists and engineers, but artists and designers as well. The challenges of the 21st century demand creative processes that stem from the realization that design, aesthetic, and technological development have become symbiotic.

ICAT is one of the Seven Research Institutes at Virginia Tech. We are uniquely partnered with the Center for the Arts and in 2013, will join them in the state of the art facility at the corner of Main St. and Alumni Mall. ICAT is an organization of individuals, teams, and communities that create, innovate, and inspire without regard for discipline boundaries or limitations. We are a collection of artists, designers, engineers, and scientists coming together in a living laboratory that fosters creativity and promotes critical reflection.







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